Why Our School

We teach with purpose
We learn more 
We live our faith
We belong to something bigger

Why Choose Our School?

  • Awarded “School of Distinction” by Diocesan Board of Education

  • School Choice Program Offered - State of Wisconsin Free Tuition

  • Commitment to Offering the Best in 21st Century Catholic Education

  • Religion Classes 

  • Curriculum and Programs

  • Select Staff

  • Individual Development

  • Personalized & Experiential Learning Model

  • Middle School Exploratory Classes

  • Complete Early Childhood through Middle School Programs

  • Preschool through Grade 8

  • Affordable Extended Care Program for registered students (4K – Grade 8)

  • Co-curricular Activities & Extra-curricular Sports

  • Student Service

  • Co-curricular Activities

  • Extra-curricular Sports

*For a more in depth look at our programs click on the Documents.