Volunteer Opportunites


Parental Involvement

At St. John - Sacred Heart School, we believe that parent/community involvement benefits everyone: from students and staff to parents and community members.  Volunteering opportunities are everywhere and we are continually looking for hidden talents!  Every act of volunteerism is appreciated.  Listed below are a few of the volunteer opportunities available.


Your service can take place in the convenience of your home, at school or special events:

Phone calls
Covering books
Fundraising and Promotion
Baking for school & social events 

Office aide
Teacher/Library aide/Tutor



Mini-Course Instruction/Library Presenter

Family Involvement

Parental support is a necessary contribution to our school program. We ask for a minimum of 20 hours per year per family.  If this time commitment is not possible, there is a "buy out" option.  Please contact the school office at 989-1373 for more information.