Student Testimonials

What our graduates have to say about SJSH School…


"SJSH School staff has provided challenging classes and a variety of extra-curricular activities in a supportive and friendly environment. I enjoyed participating in volleyball, forensics, and Math Bowl. I made a lot of good friends, and I feel well prepared for high school."


“I enjoyed St. John-Sacred Heart over the past 11 years from pre K to 8th grade.  The teachers were always willing to go the extra mile to assist and made sure we were giving our full potential on any subject.  I was taught to excel on my own individuality and it was ok to dare to be different.  St. John-Sacred Heart’s standards and Christian values gave me a great grounding for all future endeavors that are to come.  I enjoyed taking part in the weekly Masses, as it was only one of the many ways I became closer to my faith. Our classmates all became close friends, like a second family over the years and were always supportive of one another in times of need.  They will be greatly missed as we head out in different directions, but good memories made will keep them close to heart”.


"St. John-Sacred Heart prepared me for becoming a young adult and a smooth transition to High School.  I was pushed to live up to my full potential socially and academically.  I appreciated being able to play in many sports.  I also learned a lot about the Catholic faith through my religion classes.  Understanding our beliefs faith has helped me to live and grow in my faith.  I will miss my friends as we go off to different high schools, but am excited about the future."


“SJSH is a great school. One highlight for me was Algebra. I loved that we were divided into math groups according to our own individual strengths. I found it easier to ask questions with a smaller group of people than the whole class. We had many opportunities to enter in extracurricular activities like poster/calendar contests, Math Bowl and Forensics. I liked that students also participated in the planning of our weekly Masses. Our school has a very friendly atmosphere.  My classmates are all great friends!”


“SJSH prepared me for the future by pushing me to reach my goals in academics. They encouraged me in advanced classes like math and helped me to achieve the skills needed to go on to high school. Lastly, they helped me by deepening my faith in God to get through the hard times in life”.


“My education at SJSH was important to me and prepared me for the future by teaching me responsibility and values”.


“Because of the education I received at Saint John-Sacred Heart, I've been placed in almost all high level classes at Xavier High School.  The teachers at SJSH taught me how to be a student with good study habits.”

Parent Testimonials

What our parents have to say about SJSH School…


“ Our two daughters attended St. John-Sacred Heart School.   We wanted the Catholic values taught at home to be supported at school by the teaching staff and fellow students.  It is important to us that our children pray daily and participate in the Mass by reading, serving, singing, and playing music. It is a blessing that our children are allowed and encouraged to share and grow their faith on a daily basis.  As a result of sending our children to a Catholic school, our entire family has grown in our faith.  The education they received at SJSH School has prepared them well for high school and future vocations.   Students who graduate from SJSH School typically test into advanced classes in high school.  We are very grateful to SJSH parish for supporting and providing a Catholic education to our youth.  We strongly recommend families consider sending their children to St. John-Sacred Heart School."



“St. John-Sacred Heart School truly exemplifies a school that cares about the individual child. We came to SJSH frustrated by the lack of help in other schools with our youngest son’s reading problem.  The teachers at SJSH immediately recognized the problem as being addressable and implemented alternative learning strategies.  They recommended and arranged testing and worked on an accommodation plan based on the finding that dyslexia was his main issue.  Today our son is thriving and continues to show gains in every report card period.  That sort of individual help and caring was not something we had experienced in other schools.  SJSH School is a community comprised of children, parents and teachers from varied backgrounds that embrace the whole child and continual academic and spiritual development.”



“There is no greater gift a parent can give their child than a quality education. Year after year the graduates of
St. John-Sacred Heart number among the top graduates in regional high schools.  Many graduate at or near the top of their class and pursue high education opportunities that prepare them for today's top careers. The quality of SJSH's teachers and families is the single most important reason our son has experienced success and is prepared for the future.”


“Over the past several years, our family has been overwhelmed with the dedication and commitment to excellence displayed by the teachers and staff at St. John-Sacred Heart School.  Our children have the ability to be engaged and involved spiritually, academically, and athletically. Due to the school dynamics, parents are afforded many opportunities to become actively involved in their children’s education and school activities, which has only proven to be a positive experience.   We are confident that SJSH is preparing our children to meet their future educational goals. More importantly, we know that they are developing strong Christian values that will assist them in making good decisions for the rest of their lives.”           



“St. John-Sacred Heart has provided our children with a quality, Catholic education.  We are so pleased with the tremendously devoted teachers, who have helped guide and teach our children.  As our oldest child entered parochial high school, we realized how well SJSH prepared him for high school, including advanced classes.  SJSH provides a sound education with the spiritual guidance that we want for our children.  We cannot speak highly enough about SJSH school.”



“At St. John-Sacred Heart School our daughters learned great Christian values and a very high level of academics, which prepared them academically, socially and spiritually for high school.  The teachers are excellent and work with the individual needs of the students.  Class size is smaller than public schools, which is a great advantage for both teacher and student.  With the smaller school size, the school parents, students, teachers and staff are like an extended family.  Our family truly enjoyed our time in the SJSH school system.”


“We continue to choose SJSH School because of the faith-centered and solid curriculum.  A curriculum delivered by dedicated staff and extra-curricular activities coordinated with parental involvement provide a community that fosters true learning in and outside the classroom.  Our children are gaining a better understanding of themselves and others as well as their role in a larger community.”



“The small school atmosphere is great, the children are able to get individual assistance when there is a lesson they might not quite be grasping. With smaller class sizes it was easy for them to be involved in the extra curricular activities, no one ever had to be cut because there was no room. You get to know every classmate they have from seeing them in church, school plays or sporting activities. Our children have received a quality religious and academic education having graduated from 8th grade at SJSH. It has helped prepare them for life’s endeavors and has shown them how to enjoy the small pleasures along the way. The riches they have received are not measured by decimal points, but by the joy they share daily on God's green earth.”