Our Educational Journey

Learning stages • Select staff • Blended learning model • Individual development 

We teach with purpose

St. John-Sacred Heart Catholic School is a vibrant part of the St. John-Sacred Heart Catholic Parish community located in Sherwood, WI.  With over a 120 year history, the school serves its immediate and surrounding communities. 

We invite you and your child to be part of an educational journey that combines a loving, “family” culture with high standards of academic excellence within a faith-filled environment.

We believe that our educational journey takes place in “Learning Stages.”  A unique focus is given to each Learning Stage…specifically designed to enhance, guide and nurture. Each Stage provides an unparalleled understanding of your child’s individual development for as many as ten consecutive years.  Our curriculum, activities and environment have been developed for each Learning Stage, from preparatory preschool through high school preparatory.

Stage 1 - Early Childhood Program: 3K, 4K, 5K
Stage 2 - Grades 1 + 2
Stage 3 - Grades 3 + 4
Stage 4 - Middle School: Grades 5, 6, 7 + 8


               LEARNING STAGES














Our Learning Stages are additionally supported and enhanced by our affordable
Extended Care Program that is offered to all registered students 4K - Grade 8.  


“Seek Joy in the Journey”
Matthew 6:33

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