SCRIP Program









What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is an easy way to fund-raise while you shop!

By purchasing and using SCRIP gift cards or gift certificates that have the same face value as cash,
purchases you make at local and
national retailers for items like groceries, gas, clothing, restaurants, home improvements and entertainment generate revenue for our Parish! 
Fun Fact Update: From May 1st - Nov. 30, 2018, over $21,700.00 in profits was generated at no cost to participants or the parish!


How does SCRIP work?
Each gift card or gift certificate purchased through the SCRIP Program offers a rebate.  Depending on the retailer, rebates vary from 1.5% to 16%!  Gift cards and gift certificates are purchased at a  discounted rate and sold for face value.  The difference in the amount is the rebate contributed
by the retailer to our SCRIP Program:


                                     Face Value selling price of gift card or gift certificate
                      Less       Retailer discounted purchase price of gift card or gift certificate
                      Equals  Earned rebate contributed by the retailer to our SCRIP Program        

How are earned rebates used?
Earned rebates are invested back into our parish!  Funds raised through the SCRIP Program help
pay for routine expenditures of maintaining our parish - utilities, building repairs, lawn care and snow removal, altar flowers, updated missals and music hymnals and well as our faith formation programs including religious education. 

St. John-Sacred Heart, St. Mary Central and Xavier School Families:  If your child attends our parish school or a Catholic high school in the Fox Valley, a portion of rebates earned through your purchases may be used to reduce your school tuition! 

                      To learn more about ordering SCRIP online, to purchase SCRIP not
                      held in regular stock, or have questions in general, please contact:
                                                                     Debbie Phipps


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SCRIP continues to be sold from
8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday at the 
Head Insurance office located at
W579 Castle Drive, Sherwood.

To learn more about ordering
SCRIP online, 

please contact Debbie Phipps