Our Fine Arts

  • Visual Art
    Our art program offers stu
    dents an opportunity to explore the basics of art, art history and various art mediums such as clay, paint, watercolor and drawing. Students learn and apply basic terminology and principles of design. They are also learning skills such as the ability to problem solve, fine motor coordination, creativity and expression!


Within our personalized learning model, one elective class may be photography.



Students recently were taught this medium by a professional photographer with amazing results!  Their work was exhibited at the Kaukauna Public Library.


  • General Music

  • Band

  • Choir

  • Solo Ensemble Experience

  • Drama

Through the experience of our Fine Arts Program, students have multiple opportunities to perform!  All students participate in sharing their talents.  Through performing, they develop individual skills and realize a sense of belonging while building confidence, poise and stage presence.


  • Annual Talent Show

  • Christmas Program

  • Easter Performance

  • Veteran’s Day Program